Haven't figured out the material of the O-ring used for so long?


O-rings are one of the more commonly used seals. Due to […]

O-rings are one of the more commonly used seals. Due to the different working conditions, the requirements for seals are mostly different, so many types of seals have appeared. Then O-rings are common What are the materials? Under what circumstances is it generally applicable? Common sealing ring materials include hydrogenated butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorine silicon rubber, butyl rubber, and the like.
1.Hydrogenated butadiene rubber
It has good corrosion resistance, compression resistance and tear resistance. It can also resist ozone, sunlight and oil pollution. It is suitable for O-rings in automobile engines, washing machines and new ring refrigeration systems, but in esters. , Alcohols and aromatic solvents are not allowed.
It has low cost and is widely used. It is generally used in water, silicone oil, glycol hydraulic oil and other media, but it is not suitable for use in polar solutions such as ozone and ketone nitro hydrocarbons.
3.Silicone rubber
Can be cold-resistant, heat-resistant, resistant to ozone and atmospheric aging damage, but its tensile strength is poor, and it is not oil resistant. It is generally used for O-rings on household appliances, such as microwave ovens, water heaters, electric irons, etc , Water dispenser, kettle, etc.
4.Fluorine rubber
Has good ozone resistance and weather resistance, high temperature resistance is better than silicone rubber, but poor cold resistance. Generally used in O-rings of fuel systems and chemical plants. It is not recommended for ketones and nitric mixtures.
5.Fluorosilicone rubber
Fluorosilicone rubber combines the advantages of silicone rubber and fluorine rubber. It can resist the attack of oxygen compounds, fluorinated solvents and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, and has good resistance to oil, fuel oil and solvents. O-rings generally used in the military and aerospace fields are not recommended for use in brake fluids and ketones.
6.Butyl rubber
Good heat resistance and air tightness, can resist the damage of sunlight, polar solvents and ozone, and better insulation, can be exposed to oxides or animal and vegetable oils, generally used in vacuum equipment and chemical-resistant O-type seals Ring, cannot be used with petroleum, aromatics or kerosene.
In addition, the materials of O-rings include neoprene, acrylic rubber, natural rubber, perfluoro rubber, ethylene propylene rubber, and polytetrafluoroethylene. According to the specific needs of customers, Support for customization! Choosing a seal that suits you can not only reduce the cost of use for the enterprise, but also have a long product life and high safety performance! It is recommended to consult experienced manufacturers when repurchasing seals. They can give reasonable advice and one-on-one service to ensure quality and provide complete after-sales service.