How to identify the insulation rubber sheet is qualified?


Insulating rubber sheets and insulating rubber mats som […]

Insulating rubber sheets and insulating rubber mats sometimes have problems during use. In this case, the fault points should be searched to eliminate problems in time. The detection methods are as follows:
1. Bridge method: measure the resistance value and length of the insulated rubber sheet core wire, and calculate the fault point by the ratio of the two.
2. Sound measurement method: Perform static and dynamic tests on different parts of the insulating rubber sheet, and the part with large discharge sound is a fault point.
3. Capacitance current detection method: Capacitance current measurement is performed on the first end and the end of the insulating board, respectively, and the ratio of the capacitance is calculated.
4. Zero potential method: connect the battery on the fault core wire, and then connect the same length of the reference wire in parallel, measure the potential on any point on the resistance wire, and calculate the potential difference.
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