How to maintain the seal ring mold


The maintenance work of the seal ring mold, to play its […]

The maintenance work of the seal ring mold, to play its good condition, to ensure that the quality of stamping parts is qualified, to avoid accidents, to extend its service life, and to ensure its normal production. It is very important.
The main forms of seal ring mold failure
(1) Wear (including abrasive wear, adhesive wear, fatigue wear and corrosion wear)
(2) Fracture (including cracking, chipping, chipping, falling off and flaking)
(3) Plastic deformation
Cleaning of the seal mold
In order to ensure the quality of stamping parts and prolong the service life of the mold, the mold must be cleaned and cleaned.
A. Daily cleaning and cleaningB. Regular cleaning and cleaning
1. Daily cleaning
(1) Cleaning the dust on the mold surface: After cleaning with a clean rag, touch the mold surface with your hand. If you don't feel the dust, you can
(2) Cleaning of mold guide bush and guide post: Wipe the oil accumulating block on the guide bush, guide post, and guide block with a rag, and then apply a small amount of oil to lubricate
(3) Cleaning of punching parts: Use a hammer to remove all the waste material in the hole, the waste material adhered to the sliding plate and the cutting waste at the cutting edge.
(4) For the mold with coating, the stretched surface of the mold must be cleaned, and the surface must be confirmed by hand. The first material during production must be cleaned with a rag. After production, the mold must be coated with a little oil
2. Regular cleaning
(1) After the mold is repaired, the surface of the mold must be cleaned.
(2) During the regular maintenance, thoroughly clean the outer surface of the mold, remove and replace the parts.
(3) At regular intervals, the mold must be completely disassembled, and then all products must be cleaned.