Hydraulic seal sealing principle


In the hydraulic sealing industry, poor sealing of comm […]

In the hydraulic sealing industry, poor sealing of commonly used oil seal seals can cause oil leakage, which makes the mechanism movement unstable, reduces volumetric efficiency, pollutes the environment, and can not establish pressure when severe, the system can not work. Therefore, the importance of the cylinder seal cannot be ignored. The hydraulic transmission seal is a principle seal that can increase the volume and speed of the seal oil chamber to transmit force and speed.
The O-type seal used in the oil seal combination is generally made of a rubber sealing material, and the sealing ring has a simple structure, good sealing performance and low friction. It can be used for linear reciprocating and swiveling movements, but more for fixed seals such as seals between pipes, cylinder heads and cylinder liners. Or for low-level, non-critical devices.

In daily operation, the fatigue of hydraulic equipment will always exist, so it is necessary to stop inspection and maintenance in the middle of the operation process. The cylinder of the cylinder seal often needs professional maintenance, overhaul and maintenance to improve the service life of the cylinder seal and the performance of the seal. So, what is the correct maintenance and maintenance work for the cylinder rubber seals?

1. The hydraulic cylinder of the seal needs to change the hydraulic oil regularly, clean the filter to ensure the cleanliness standard;

2, the use of cylinder equipment must adjust the system temperature to avoid affecting the service life of the seal;

3, need to eliminate the air in the system, while preheating the various systems to avoid cylinder failure;

4, follow-up need to frequently repair the bolts and threads of each connection system to avoid looseness and cause failure;

5, and pay attention to the oil components to maintain lubrication, to avoid causing dry friction;

6. Protect the outer surface of the piston rod to prevent damage to the seal by bumping and scratching, and clean the dust-proof part of the cylinder and the exposed piston rod.