Skeleton oil seal application


What are the application areas of the skeleton oil seal […]

What are the application areas of the skeleton oil seal?
1. Transmission: Transmission - front and rear oil seal shift lever oil seal (transmission repair kit o-ring) (transfer - front and rear oil seal);
2, rear axle: half shaft - rear half shaft oil seal differential - (front) rear angle oil seal rear wheel oil seal front wheel oil seal steering machine oil seal (direction machine repair kit o-ring) direction booster oil seal (front half shaft oil seal ).
3, engine: crankshaft - front crankshaft, rear oil seal valve - valve oil seal (engine repair kit O-ring) (distributor oil seal, pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, oil pump oil seal.); camshaft - camshaft oil seal ;
The lip of the skeleton oil seal creates a radial load, ie radial pressure, during the rotational engagement with the journal. This pressure has a great influence on the wear rate and sealing of the oil seal lip. If the radial pressure is too small, the frictional force is greatly reduced, and although the wear of both can be alleviated, the sealing performance of the skeleton oil seal is seriously degraded, causing oil leakage or serious oil leakage. If the radial pressure is too large, although it is advantageous to enhance the sealing performance of the oil seal lip, the friction between the two increases, and it is difficult to form a good oil film on the annulus contacting the two, so the wear of the two is aggravated. The oil seal is damaged during the short period of use and the shaft is damaged, resulting in oil leakage.
An oil seal is required for all parts of the operating body box that have liquid lubricant and are connected to the outside. Some are rubber, some are metal, and most are steel-bone rubber, such as oil seals on the crankshaft, oil seals on the front and rear of the gearbox, oil seals on the left and right axles, oil seals on the front reducer, crankshaft oil seals on air compressors, etc.
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