Small details help you maintain the car seal on the car


The use of automotive seals is still relatively large i […]

The use of automotive seals is still relatively large in the car, which acts as a seal. The seals on the car are not small parts, but they also have a great effect. For the small parts of the car seal, how to maintain it It is also very important, we can take care of these small details.
First of all, we must do a good job in cleaning the car seals. Because if the car seal is not cleaned for a long time, the car seal groove and the slide rail will have dust, which will affect the sealing effect of the car seal. It is recommended that the owner clean the seal once every two quarters.
Everyone knows that car washing is generally done with a high water gun, but remember not to spray a high water gun on this seal. Otherwise, the sealing ring will be deformed. As long as the time is long, the performance of the sealing ring will be degraded. In the rainy day, the rainwater will be easily dripped in the car. If it is not treated in time, the car will cause rust.
In addition, we would like to remind everyone that if we drive to the outdoors, try to park the car in a place where there is no sun, so as not to cause the car seal to be exposed for a long time, causing the seal on the side of the car door and the sunroof to be deformed due to heat. And cracked.
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