The role of the rubber diaphragm

Rubber diaphragms are mainly used in valves, regulating valves, automatic mechanical followers, switches and counters for flow, pressure, differential, liquid level, constant temperature volumetric thermal compensation, etc. Its advantages are high work reliability, good compounding, long working life and low cost. In low pressure operations, the forces generated by the reinforced membrane may become redundant. For this type of operation, rubber diaphragms constructed of a uniform elastic full rubber can also provide the same advantages that the reinforced membranes have, while at the same time increasing the economics of utilizing a uniform elastic construction. The rubber diaphragm has a long service life and can accurately perform operations in synchronization with other control components to ensure the injection of pulsed compressed air. The rubber diaphragm guarantees normal operation and long service life even under extremely harsh working conditions. Auto-maintenance equipment plastic product