What are the main uses of rubber seals?


The use of seals is everywhere in our daily lives, and […]

The use of seals is everywhere in our daily lives, and most of the seals we see are made of rubber. Let's take a look at the usefulness of rubber seals in our daily lives.
     First of all, rubber seals can be divided into hard rubber, sponge rubber, and dense rubber. Different kinds of rubber functions are also very different. In general, the rubber sealing strip is mainly used in the following aspects: the main function of the door and window sealing strip is: dustproof, ashproof, soundproof, windproof, waterproof and the like. The car seal also has the above effects, but it has one more function that is shock absorption. Refrigerator sealing strips believe that everyone knows, sealing is the most critical, the sealing effect is directly related to the performance of the refrigerator, a good refrigerator not only has a good cooling effect but also can guarantee the best The insulation effect can save the user the use of electricity, which is indirectly beneficial to the environment.