What is an O ring rubber seal?

O ring rubber seals are rubber products with a circular cross-sectional area. Its applications are in chemical, machinery, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, transportation, household appliances and other fields. O ring rubber ring is the sealing element with the largest production volume and the widest application among all rubber sealing products. Performance and application of O-shaped rubber sealing ring O ring rubber seals are widely used in various mechanical equipment, and play a sealing role in different temperatures, pressures and media, to prevent mechanical equipment from oil, gas, water, and external environment media and dust. Compared with other rubber seals, it has the following advantages: Advantages of O-shaped rubber sealing ring: 1. The structure is simple, the volume is small, and the installation site is compact. 2. It has a self-sealing effect and does not require periodic adjustment. 3. Good sealing performance, no leakage during static sealing. 4. The sports friction resistance is small, suitable for the occasion of alternating pressure. 5. The size and groove have been standardized, the price is cheap, the product is easily available, and it is easy to use and purchase. 6. Strong adaptability and wide range of uses. Deficiencies of O-shaped rubber seals: 1. When used for compression dynamic sealing, the starting friction resistance is large. 2. It is difficult to avoid leakage during dynamic sealing, and the leakage can only be controlled not to exceed the specified allowable value. 3. In the process of air pressure and water pressure sealing, lubricating oil needs to be added to prevent wear. In some occasions, it is often necessary to add dust and protective rings. 4. The processing size and precision of dual mating parts (such as moving surface, groove, gap, etc.) are strict. According to the relative movement status of the O-shaped rubber seal ring and the device to be sealed, it can be divided into O-ring for static seal, O-ring for reciprocating seal, and O-ring for rotary movement seal. According to the seal structure, it can be divided into two types of radial seal and axial seal O-ring. The material for manufacturing O-shaped rubber seals is mainly synthetic rubber. Depending on the working temperature, contact medium, and pressure, the choice of rubber type is also different.